Consumer Products & Services

We target innovative companies that develop, produce, distribute and service branded and private label consumer goods and services.

Catalog and Internet direct marketing, niche brands and focused healthcare services represent the core focus of Svoboda Capital Partners’ consumer investment strategy. We understand that an identifiable brand, high levels of service and a strong value proposition generate customer loyalty and recurring demand. Certain consumer categories also tend to be fragmented, providing middle market companies with the opportunity to achieve market leadership through organic growth and strategic add-on acquisitions.

Svoboda Capital Partners targets consumer-oriented companies with business characteristics common to most of our investments. These characteristics include:

  • + Scaleable businesses with opportunities to build customer channels
  • + Defensible leadership in niche product markets
  • + Well recognized and effectively managed brands
  • + Proprietary product design, merchandising or retail services
  • + Distribution channel relevance
  • + Non-cyclical, recurring demand products and low capital intensity

Examples of target sectors/niches include:

  • + Active Lifestyle
  • + Specialty food and beverage
  • + Gifts/Crafts/DIY
  • + Household products
  • + Personal care
  • + Lawn and garden
  • + Pet Care
  • + Disposable healthcare products